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Asai - with the power of nature.

Lots of superfoods and exotic herbs, roots and fruits! 
You can bring your own vessels to us and we will fill them up as you wish.
You avoid waste and receive competent advice. 
We specialize in natural plants, some of which are nowhere else to be found in Vienna. 

Virid GmbH is at home in 1120 Vienna and carries the best natural plant products. The company was founded in 2009 by Eveline Gisela Amort after she was in Brazil and discovered that the delicious, frozen fruit juice pods she met there were not yet available in Vienna. She first decided to bring them to Austria for her own consumption.

What began for herself quickly expanded. When relatives and friends tasted the 20 different types of fruit - all harvested ripe, immediately peeled, pitted and gently flash frozen - orders came from them and soon from their relatives and friends. So the webshop asai.at was set up and the company began to grow. She felt the same way with the other products: first she tested them for herself, then more and more people wanted them too. And since Eveline Gisela Amort has always preferred as little packaging as possible, Asai GmbH offers loose bagged goods as much as possible. This also enables bulk buyers to shop cheaply at asai.at.

Whoever buys the delicious and practical juice pads from sustainable harvest in the Brazilian Amazon helps to protect and support the rainforest. We sell high quality, healthy products for our customers, and at the same time we promote sustainable growth in the rainforest.

We bring healthy, healing and authentic plants to Austria - for a fresh, healthy lifestyle here in Europe and an improvement in the living situation for the people in the rainforest areas.

Come to bottling in the afternoon:

Opening times are from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Friday:
gutenderwelt.at Rotenmühlgasse 7,
basement store,
1120 Vienna,
+43 660 982 10 12