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Wild blueberries 1kg frozen in a roll, Canadian blueberries wild collection, frozen, shipping only via "frozen goods by post"

Wild blueberries, wild blueberries from Canada, frozen in a roll

1 kg blueberries (Myrtilli fructus) from the still wild areas of Canada, individually rolled and frozen.
All valuable substances are retained through gentle shock freezing.

What our grandparents already knew: it helps against diarrhea and inflammation in the mouth (this mainly applies to dried organic blueberries). But that's not all.
Hardly any other fruit (except acai or purple corn) is as deep, dark purple as the wild blueberry.

ONLINE ORDER only possible within Austria and Germany.. For shipping to other countries, please send us an email to office@gutesderwelt.at or via "question about the item".

If the shopping cart only shows "Pick-Up" - shipping together with dry goods is not possible, only separate shipping of frozen goods is possible.


Since it is frozen goods, we only ship the goods on Mondays and Tuesdays.

For Austria: The goods will be delivered personally and the box will be taken away by the driver immediately. Please only remove the goods, not the freezer packs.

For other countries: The box will be picked up by the driver the next day or, if you wish, send us an email and you will receive a return label and bring the box to a GLS parcel shop yourself within 3 days.

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