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Here you will find a selection of simple, but high quality, means to care for your body.

And the books about it, e.g. about lapacho, aloe vera, baking soda or guava.

As a detergent and cleaning agent, baking soda, dissolved in water, is almost a universal cleaning agent.
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Baking soda (in a thin solution) also cleanses the skin.

Graviola oil is an excellent skin oil, especially for the face (be careful not to get it in your eyes).

Lapacho tea baths relieve skin inflammation,

Guava leaf powder is an excellent hair pack and regrows hair.

Collagen is cosmetic from the inside (always in combination with vitamin C, e.g. rosehip powder), it cushions wrinkles and strengthens the epidermis.

Caja with lots of beta-carotene is sun protection from the inside.

With DMSO you can also make your water drinkable in the wilderness (or when hiking, traveling).

Bottled aloe vera gel can be used both internally and externally.

Applied to the skin, pineapple with its manganese and vitamin C also stimulates the collagen formation of the skin.

Cistus tea (rockrose) cleanses the skin from the inside, is a remedy for acne and pimples. Baths in a cistus infusion refresh the skin.

Ground frankincense resin is a beneficial addition to creams and lotions.

Or take a magnesium bath in the evening before going to bed (350 g magnesium in a tub) or spray the magnesium oil on the body. Then just dab it off and go straight to bed, a treat for the skin!

Apply Moringa leaf powder, mixed into a warm paste, to the skin to combat blemishes and irritation. The contained vitamin A does its job.

The same applies to papaya: applied externally, it "digests" inflammation, this applies above all to the leaves, but also to the fruit. It is best to mix both together to form a paste and apply.

Turmeric powder applied with oil as a mask helps against impurities and skin flakes. Attention: The yellow color stains the fabric permanently!

And only DMSO! The variations in skin care are so diverse that we refer to the vastness of the Internet.

With the FG Xpress Powerstrip, soothing herbs are introduced into the skin.

Hildegard von Bingen recommends washing with tea or a porridge made from ground mulberry leaves for skin rashes.

You can use black beet molasses as a mask to prevent wrinkles or as a poultice for eczema, wounds and swellings or as a bath additive.

MSM dissolved in a little warm water can be applied to the skin with a spray bottle. It penetrates the skin very quickly and supplies the subcutaneous tissue with organic sulphur. This allows the collagen to form tighter skin and even relieve muscle pain and bruising.

Neem leaf powder has always been known in India for skin and hair care. Add neem leaf powder to a basic cream or lotion, mix into your basic shampoo, or use with warm water (porridge) as a face mask.

Crystal water the purified essence enriched with a low carbonic acid content results in a high-energy drinking water.

Oregano oil (always dilute, at least 1:10) can be dabbed onto blemishes to heal them.

Sangre de Grado (Croton lechleri), the latex of the dragon tree, has always been used as a blood staunch and skin care product.

Black seed oil can be applied externally directly to blemishes. However, in the case of neurodermatitis, it is advisable to dilute it with another oil.

Licorice powder soothes skin/wounds and maintains hair color.

Devil's Claw: The tea can also be used externally for wounds and cracks, and relieves pain such as menstrual cramps.

Grape seed flour, as well as grape seed and peel powder, is ideally suited for facial treatments.

Wheat germ oil with its extremely high proportion of vitamin E, the skin vitamin, can be used internally and externally for skin care.